dFab Net

dFab Net is an international network comprised of digital fabricators; hardware and software suppliers; and professional designers, academics, and researchers, all working together to improve processes and accelerate digital fabrication.  

Membership interests include: aerospace, architectural, automotive, film/TV/theater, industrial design, marine, robotics, 3D printing, etc. Our diverse membership encourages innovation through cross-industry collaboration. 

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Charter Members

Charter Members are founding partners who believe in our mission to interconnect the digital fabrication community.

dFab Net thanks our Charter Members for their commitment to accelerate digital fabrication.  

Streamline Design to Fabrication

A new organization to accelerate digital fabrication
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Membership is open to any person or business interested in digital fabrication.

ICD/ITKE Research Pavilion

designers: Achim Menges, Jan Knippers
fabricator: ICD/ITKE

SFMOMA Expansion

designer: Snohetta
software: Rhino, Delcam
fabricator: Kreysler & Associates

Shell Star Pavilion

designer: Andrew Kudless
software: Rhino
fabricators: multiple

Broad Art Museum


designer: Zaha Hadid
fabricator: Zahner

Cast Thicket

designer: yo_cy
fabricator: Topocast Lab