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3D Scanning Specification

Is anyone aware of such a thing? We work on many projects that necessitate the capturing of spatial data for a range of purposes: verification of architectural work; rebuilding underwater fish tanks; sculpture enlargement, etc. And we're talking…

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1 Reply · Reply by Steve Holzer May 6, 2015
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Workflow - Define the Problems

What are the problems with workflow from design to fabrication? We want to hear your opinions! 

- file transfer from CAD to CAM

- contractual issues w/ 3D models as legal documents

- lack of standards


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1 Reply · Reply by Jeffrey McGrew Apr 26, 2014
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What role do you see for craftsmanship in manufacturing's increasingly digitized future?

A great question from the Manufacturing Leadership blog:

"Throughout history, craftsmen have used the very latest tools to create better, higher quality products. Perhaps we are now entering a new era where transformative technologies…

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What standards need to be established for digital fabrication?

The major theme at a recent 3D Printing Berlin event was lack of standards. Standards for digital fabrication are desperately lacking in many industries. What standards would you like to see developed? 

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