• Collect information relative to digital fabrication and share with members through the website, newsletter, social media, and other tools.
  • Form alliances with other organizations engaged in similar or related activities.
  • Form Working Groups to explore opportunities for cross-industry collaboration.
  • Host a dFab Net Summit for key industry leaders and digital fabrication experts to discuss challenges and opportunities for the better use and enhancement of digital fabrication tools and techniques. (San Francisco Bay Area September 2014)
  • Host Digital Fabrication “Hack Days” for innovative members to tackle data transfer, digital manufacturing, and software issues. (San Francisco Bay Area Winter 2014)
  • Incorporate as a 501(c)6 non-profit trade organization headquartered in the Bay Area of California.


  • Develop a robust searchable database including members’ contact information, resources and areas of expertise.
  • Pursue grants for educational purposes and research related to the improvement of workflow and the development of new fabrication techniques, software and tools.
  • Expand internationally. Within one month of launching membership, we already had members from Austria, Germany and Switzerland.
  • Develop standards, specifications, and tolerances for design, engineering and fabrication. 


  • Establish an Awards Program showcasing exemplary projects to promote the best work in the dFab Net community.
  • To always have conferences and events at fabrication shops, never at a hotel. Fab shops are much cooler venues.